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An accelerator dedicated to real-world testing

ASU ScaleU is a functional higher education technology accelerator in which we integrate, test and validate new technologies at the nation’s largest public research university dedicated to innovation. We provide early stage EdTech startups with the opportunity to test their digital learning product in a complex and dynamic university environment. Each product that we work with dramatically and measurably improves student outcomes and institutional effectiveness.

How it Works

An accelerator built on function

ASU ScaleU is not a traditional accelerator or EdTech incubator; we're built to test pilot-ready products. As a functional accelerator, we provide opportunities to develop education technologies through product application in the world-class laboratory made up by ASU's diverse student body, faculty and administration. When you work with us, we'll pair your product with one of the hundreds of academic, research or service units within ASU and prepare your company for the next phase of funding, product development and customer acquisition. We're constantly learning of new EdTech needs across the institution that are, in many cases, waiting for the right solution.

We help you move through the channels of approval, from security reviews and procurement to legal and academic affairs, so you can launch and evaluate a pilot test of your education technology. We are relationship builders between our university partners and companies to meet evolving needs. What you learn while working with ASU can be directly applied in product development and used in creating proof points for new products or seeking additional startup funding.

The process

Once you start working with ASU ScaleU, we go through a standard process to get your pilot up and running. We know how to navigate the university's complexities and work directly with you as we progress through each phase.

How it works:

  1. Process application and perform due diligence
  2. Identify relevant ASU unit
  3. Design pilot
  4. Negotiate accelerator participation agreement
  5. Guide through security review, procurement and other necessary checkpoints
  6. Conduct pilot
  7. Evaluate product efficacy
  8. Scale



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Are you a fit?

We seek companies focused on higher education and the future of work with the potential to dramatically and measurably improve student outcomes.

Acceptance into the accelerator is highly competitive. Before applying, let's make sure you're a fit. You should have:

  • Focus on serving the higher education and/or future of work community.
  • Pilot-ready products or services to test at ASU.
  • Investor readiness — generally Seed Funding to Series A.
  • Strong teams with leadership and execution.

Are we a match?

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